Audit Committee

The Audit Commit was created on March 16th, 2007 and is an advisory body of the Company’s Board of Directors. It therefore continuously assesses the risk identification and internal control systems of the Company and its subsidiaries, as well as adopting control procedures for the risks to which they are exposed and evaluating the quality and effectiveness of risk-management decisions.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, created on April 12, 2010, is an advisory body for the Statutory Directors, a permanent body, and is responsible for analyzing scenarios and growth opportunities, proposing the strategic direction, coordinating the deployment of the corporate goals in sector goals and facilitating the process for monitoring the results. It is composed of members of the Non-Statutory Committee.

Ethics Committee

In 2013, the Ethics Committee was created, the purpose of which is to advise the Audit Committee in supervising the communications received through the Ethics Channel. The committee is permanent, and has ordinary monthly meetings and extraordinary meetings whenever necessary, and is responsible for the following:
• consider and issue reports on communications received through the Ethics Channel;
• monitor compliance with the corrective actions proposed by the areas;
• promote the disclosure and application of the Ethics Code throughout the Company;
• report to the hierarchical levels all of the cases that it considers relevant for the continuity of the business

Health and Safety Committee

In 2014, the Committee on Health and Safety was created. The Committee is permanent, with monthly and extraordinary meetings whenever necessary, and has the following competencies:
• Leading the Management Program of Excellence in OHS;
• Define and Manage the objectives and goals of the program and the units;
• Ensure compliance with strategic OHS programs.

Sustainability Committee

In 2015 a Sustainability Committee was created to advise the Executive Board on implementing the Company‘s sustainability practices. The Sustainability Committee is a standing committee that meets every six months and has the following responsibilities:

• Establish a sustainability policy for the Company.
• Manage the outcomes of working groups established for sustainability initiatives.
• Monitor the preparation of the Company‘s Annual Report.
• Annually benchmark the Company‘s sustainability practices against leading listed companies.
• Submit sustainability program proposals to the Executive Committee for consideration.