Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability Policy, approved by the Board of Directors, establishes M. Dias Branco’s commitment to make sustainability part of the culture, evidenced in business decisions and practices, as well as provides for the delegation of responsibilities in the management and mitigation of impacts and engagement of stakeholders, addressing their concerns, which are discussed in quarterly reports to the Board. The document aligned with the purpose, mission, vision and values ​​and reinforces the Company’s commitment to protecting and respecting its stakeholders.

Communication, Culture and Sustainability Management, linked to the People, Management and Sustainability Department, and the Executive Sustainability Committee, linked to the Statutory Executive Board, are the instances responsible for promoting the engagement of all employees for compliance
with policy.

All business areas support governance through practices, programs and projects. Each prioritized topic is addressed through multidisciplinary Working Groups (GTs) or is part of the scope of activity of a specific area. The results of the initiatives are reported on a regular basis to th Sustainability Committee and at the management level in the monthly Management by Guidelines (GPD) meetings.

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Strategic Sustainability Agenda

Our Strategic Sustainability Agenda was relaunched in March 2022 and includes goals to be achieved by 2030, covering 15 priority topics, based on three pillars representing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance):

Caring for the Planet (Environmental)

Believing in People (Social)

Strengthen Alliances (Governance)

The performance of public targets can be monitored on the Company’s website: