Fábricas e Inovação

Fábricas e Inovação

Industrial Plants

M. Dias Branco has modern production facilities strategically located in its principal markets, consisting of fifteen industrial plants with the latest technology that the Company operates in line with rigid quality standards.


  • Cookies & crackers, pasta and toasts factory, integrated with a wheat mill (Eusébio -CE);
  • Cookies & crackers, pasta, snacks and cakes factory (Maracanaú-CE);
  • Wheat mill (Fortaleza – CE);
  • Margarine and Shortening factory (Fortaleza-CE).


  • Cookies & crackers and pasta factory (Jaboatão dos Guararapes – PE);


  • Wheat mill, cake mix, cookies & crackers and pasta factory (Aratu – BA);


  • Wheat mill and pasta factory (Cabedelo – PB);

Rio Grande do Norte

  • Wheat mill and pasta factory (Natal – RN);

São Paulo

  • Pasta factory (São Caetano do Sul – SP);
  • Cookies & crackers factory (Lençóis Paulista – SP);


  • Wheat mill (Rolândia – PR);

Rio Grande do Sul

  • Cookies & crackers and pasta factory (Bento Gonçalves – RS)
  • Wheat mill (Bento Gonçalves – RS);

Rio de Janeiro

  • Cookies & crackers and pasta factory (Madureira – RJ);
  •  Shortening factory (Madureira – RJ);
  • Cookies & crackers  factory (Queimados – RJ);

From 2012 to 2014, the Company launched 114 new products in the market that reached R$ 118.2 million reais of gross revenue. In 2012 there were launched new flavors of instant pasta with brands Adria (Liggero and GRANO D’ORO), Fortaleza (Express pre-cooked lasagna) and Vitarella (filet steak and bacon flavors Lámen). In the cookies segment it was launched Richester Amori Mini Filled Cookies (flavors vanilla and chocolate), butter cookies with Pilar brand (flavors chocolate, coconut, milk and orange) and waffle (flavor chocolate candy), among others.

In 2013 were launched new flavours of microwave pasta with Adria brand (Liggero), (ii) Gold Class line biscuits, (iii) mega filling waffle and tartlets with Vitarella brand, and (iv) Animados Zoo Richester biscuits.

In 2014 it was launched: (i) new cuts of pasta with Basilar brand (Baveti, Gnocchi, Tortilhone and scratched double Penne) and instant noodles “cheese flavor” with Vitarella brand, (ii) Escureto double filling cookies with Richester brand, mini cocktail snacks “cheese” flavour with Fortaleza brand, wafer “neapolitan” flavour with Vitarella brand, (iii) margarines with Vitarella brand, and (iv) cake mixes with FINNA brand, among other launches.

In 2014 we invested R$ 3.1 million in research, development and product innovation. We concluded 26 optimization projects, targeting new cookie shapes, sensory improvement, packaging adequacy, adaptation of formulations, sodium reduction, among others, positively impacting hundreds of our products. These improvements focus on the efficiency of industrial processes, service regulation, to improve the quality and especially the greater satisfaction of our consumers.

In 2015, R$ 6.5 million was invested in research and development (R$ 5.2 million in 2014) across 49 projects, including new products, improvements, and optimization. A number of projects were also conducted to optimize resource utilization without affecting product quality or sensory properties.

In fiscal year ended December 31, 2018, we invested R$ 8.7 million in product research and
development (R$ 8.6 million invested in 2017 and R$ 8.1 million invested in 2016). Such
amounts acounted for 0.14%, 0.16% and 0.15% of our net revenue for 2018, 2017 and 2016,

For 2019, the Company will work with a portfolio of 65 projects, focused on health,
nutrition, practicality, sustainability and experience, aligned with the Innovation strategy