Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy
Policy on Business Continuity Management
Policy of Consequences
Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility
Policy on Disclosure and Use of Information
Donations and Sponsorships Policy
Policy for Extra Audit Services Contracting
Gifts, Presents, Entertainment and Hospitalities Policy
Policy for Good Practices on Competition
Hedge Policy
Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Internal Audit Statute
Policy of Internal Investigation Protocol and Operation of the Ethical Channel
Policy on Management Remuneration
Procurement and Supplies Policy
Risk Management Policy
Policy on Shareholder Remuneration
Supplier Code of Conduct
Sustainability Policy
Policy on the Nomination of Members for the Board of Management, Its Committees and the Statutory Board
Policy on Trading in Securities Issued
Policy on Transactions with Related Parties and Other Situations Involving Conflicts of Interests