Eusébio-CE, August 19, 2019 – M. DIAS BRANCO S.A. INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE ALIMENTOS (“M. Dias Branco” or “Company”), due to its commitment to keeping its investors informed about the succession of Mr. Geraldo Luciano Mattos Júnior as Vice President of Investments and Controllership and Investor Relations Officer, hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that the transition has been advancing satisfactorily, reason why its conclusion will be anticipated to the last quarter of 2019. At the time, the Company will disclose the name of the professional elected by the Board of Directors, who will replace Mr. Geraldo Luciano Mattos Júnior in the same duties currently performed. The process of selecting candidates for resolution of the Board is being conducted by an internationally renowned advisory firm specialized in recruiting executives for senior management positions.


Geraldo Luciano Mattos Júnior
Vice-President of Investments and Controllership
Investor Relations Office