M. Dias Branco launches Germinar, a startup connection program – you can register now!

M. Dias Branco is performing its first startup connection program: Germinar. The purpose of the Brazilian giant food company – owner of 19 brands, such as Adria, Vitarella, Fortaleza, Richester and Piraquê – is to find startups capable of becoming company’s suppliers or partners, assisting in the resolution of challenges.

The company is selecting startups from across the country having a validated or operating MVP in the market in order to assist it in seven challenges. The first one is focused on manufacturing ingredients and technologies in line with the healthfulness trend. M. Dias Branco is committed to that trend and, for that reason, it is searching for new functional ingredients or technology solutions to continue delivering tasty, nutritional and even healthier products.

Another challenge M. Dias Branco is launching refers to the packaging, which has functions ranging from the attractiveness through communication and convenience to the food preservation, by assuring the inviolability and barriers against external factors. “Our quest is to go beyond, exploring sustainable materials, by reducing the material waste, using technologies that increase the shelf-life of the products, among other innovations that are applicable in the solid food industry”, the company commented.

The company also wants to make use of a change of consumers’ mindset, who are increasingly more connected, even at the shopping time. For that reason, M. Dias Branco is open to omnichannel solutions in order to integrate the online market to its business model (through virtual and augmented reality, for example). And, in order to award the recurring consumption of its products, the pasta and cookies & crackers leader is searching for loyalty or discount programs in order to bring even more benefits to its customers and consumers.

The food company has 20 thousand employees and one of its biggest internal challenges is to foster the real time communication among all employees working in different locations in Brazil. The company wants to enhance the communication process, particularly between sales teams by using, for instance, digital tools.

M. Dias Branco also searches for startups whose ingredients, products and value propositions are in line with the healthfulness, naturalness, practicality and other issues that may add products both to the current portfolio and its expansion through commercial partnerships – the only requirement is for them to be tasty. Depending on the adherence to the startup solution to M. Dias Branco’s strategy and performance, potential investments may be discussed afterwards.

If your startup solves any of the challenges above, register! The registrations are open until July 25. M. Dias Branco will select until 20 startups for presentation at Germinar Day, to be held on August 15, in São Paulo. Companies located across the country are able to participate.

If the solution presented is chosen, then the startup will undergo a one-week immersion program with those in charge for the specific areas at M. Dias Branco. In such immersion program, a pilot project will be developed and presented to the Company’s Executive Committee, and, upon approval, it will be performed within two and a half months. Depending on the results obtained from the pilot test, the supply and/or trading partnership may be established.

Register, read the regulations and learn more about Germinar program here.